Spring is for cleaning and cleansing! A detox is not about finding a trendy way to lose weight (Although for some that may be a desired effect).  It’s not about body shaming, and certainly is not methodical starvation.  It’s about using health tools strategically to support your body, to cleanse and reboot your system.

With more research published every year on chronic illnesses associated with long term toxin exposure, it’s time to take action and detoxify your life to better your health today and to prevent chronic illnesses in the future.

Unfortunately we live in a toxic world, and unless you’ve taken up an off-the-grid lifestyle and have the pleasure of speaking to trees and not humans, you’re likely exposed to toxicants and toxic substances.  “Toxins” are literally everywhere: our food, our jobs, our medications, our personal products, our clothing… everywhere!  “Toxins” are things like:

  • Heavy metals (Eg. bioaccumulates in seafood)
  • Chemicals (Eg. parabens, SLS, ‘parfum’, phthalates found in personal care products)
  • Protein by-products (Eg. internal reactions to foods and metabolites)
  • Microscopic organisms and compounds (Eg. black mould in flooded homes, yeast)

Who Needs a Detoxification Program?

  1. If your home has been exposed to flooding or mould, or is located close to farms or factories
  2. If you use perfume, cologne, hair spray, and scented body products on a daily basis (unless you’ve switched to 100% non-synthetic products)
  3. If your diet is not optimal and you experience symptoms like indigestion, headaches, skin rashes or constipation
  4. If you enjoy more alcohol than is reasonably healthy (1 drink/day for women, 2 for men)
  5. If you rely too heavily on coffee (More than 375mL per day) or smoke cigarettes
  6. Symptoms like “man-boobs”, PMS or difficulty losing weight
  7. If you’ve been on a pharmaceutical drug for a number of years
  8. Workplace exposures – hair and nail salon technicians, car mechanics, heavy metals or solvents in the workplace

Our bodies have an amazing ability to handle a lot of our daily toxic load.  Unfortunately, when we are over-burdened with high exposure, or if we do not provide our body with the necessary resources (vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, nutrients), the toxic load becomes too much and problems like fatigue, hormone imbalances, digestive upset, headaches, and skin rashes may set in, and this internal disharmony sets the stage for chronic illnesses

Not only are we bombarded by chemicals everyday, these chemicals have only three primary routes of elimination out of our bodies once we are exposed to them. 

  1. The liver
  2. The kidneys
  3. The colon

What is a Detox Program?

A typical detoxification program addresses the nutritional needs of our liver, kidneys and cleanses the colon. The idea is to draw out the toxins from our bodies (Some of which are stored and fat!!) and to help our organs of elimination to remove these from the system.  Detox programs can be challenging but with the right education and medical advice you should feel in control of your health in no time.  Generally energy increases, digestion improves dramatically, coffee dependence decreases, and symptoms of discomfort and pain decrease.

Dr. Kristin’s 21-Day Spring Clean!

Join me on Sunday, March 26th at 1:00pm at The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe for a health talk about the “21-Day Spring Clean” detoxification program, as well as tips and facts about detoxing and dietary suggestions.  The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe will be providing a complimentary detox tea!

Included in the 21-Day Spring Clean detox program is:

  • Whole body homeopathic cleanse supplement pack
  • One 30 minute consultation with Dr Kristin Spark, Naturopathic Doctor
  • One complimentary smoothie from the Golden Mean beverage bar
  • Weekly emails from Dr. Kristin – recipes, tips for detoxing and support for your cleanse!
  • Access to the VIP Spring Clean Facebook group for cleansers – support, insights, videos

Price: $185 (taxes included) valued at $325 regular price. 

Save your spot by calling The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe 519 954 9100. Spaces are limited! Join the Facebook event to stay up to date !

Cleansers also receive more savings and bonuses after the 21-day program ends. Join me on Sunday March 26th at 1pm at The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe to learn more about this opportunity to Spring Clean your body in 21 days!