Laboratory & Assessment Services

Serum blood testing

Blood tests are used in primary practise to confirm or reject a clinic diagnosis. These tests are the same as what your Family Physician orders, and are orderable by any licensed naturopathic doctor in Ontario. A requisition form is required for the blood draw, and these test are not covered by OHIP when ordered by a naturopath.

Food sensitivity antibody testing (+/- candida testing)

Food sensitivities present with a variety of symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, skin rashes, and fatigue. Food sensitivities are not a food allergy, but rather, a “delayed hypersensitivity”.  Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies are produced in response to food sensitivities and are a sign of an inflammatory reaction occuring in the body. A small blood sample is taken from the finger.  Many (96 or 184) commonly eaten foods such as wheat, eggs, cow’s milk, are assessed for sensitivity.

Saliva adrenal health testing

Spit testing is useful for monitoring and assessing stress hormone production in the body. A saliva sample is collected at certain points of the day (Morning, lunch, afternoon, before bed). This testing helps to diagnose adrenal gland dysfunction, cortisol dysregulation and adrenal fatigue.

Saliva hormone testing

Assessment of estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone in saliva helps diagnose hormonal abnormalities and the root causes of your symptoms. Saliva spit testing is reliable, convenient and easy to do at home.

Urinary hormone metabolite testing

Urine testing for sex hormones and their metabolites is useful when patients present with complex symptoms or require more information than can be gather from blood and/or saliva testing. This testing provides insight about estrogen and progesterone types and quantities in the body, the bodies production of harmful or helpful estrogens (Breast cancer correlation), as well as how the body processes it’s hormones. It also provides pertinent information about androgens (“Male” sex hormones), melatonin, anti-oxidant function and methylation patterns.  Four to five urine samples are collected on days 21-23 of the menstrual cycle.

Heavy metal testing – hair and urine

Heavy metals can be found in hair and urine. Heavy metal toxicity is associated with learning and behavioural difficulties in children, as well as some autoimmune and mood disorders. Assessments require small sections of hair, close to the root or urine samples.

Thyroid panel – TSH, fT3, rT3, fT4, thyroid antibodies

This testing is useful in diagnosing hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, underactive thyroid function, autoimmune thyroiditis Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease. Often TSH levels can be normal but patients still present with symptoms. Testing the thyroid function thoroughly best guides patient care and is beneficial in providing an accurate diagnosis.

Organic acid testing

A urine sample is collected and assessed for organic acid metabolites. This test is best used for patients with gastrointestinal difficulties and discomfort or mood disorders like anxiety or depression. Assessment of neurotransmitter function (serotonin, dopamine, etc), as well as microbial (bacteria, fungi) species information helps diagnose as well as offer clinical information about the best therapies for treatment.

Stool testing for parasites and dysbiosis

A stool sample is collected for assessment of ova and parasites for diagnostic testing for parasites. The comprehensive stool panel uses a stool sample to look for bacterial, parasitic and fungal balance in the intestines, as well as digestive function of the internal organs.


An in-office test performed on urine samples. A convenient way to assess for evidence of urinary tract infections and/or pregnancy. A small urine sample is collected and testing in house.

Body fat analysis

The Skulpt assessment tool is used to take a body fat measurement of the upper arm, quadricep and abdomen which provides a global assessment of body composition.  This is a superior way to measure body fat over weigh scales and hand-held devides.

Individual prices of testing varies. Please inquire to learn more about specific prices.

Appointments are always required in order to receive testing, as test are only recommended when clinically indicated and as part of a patient treatment protocol.


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