Clinical Nutrition

Dietary modifications are the foundation of all treatment plans.  Nutritional supplementation, meaning dosing specific vitamins, minerals, and other biologically important factors, may be right for your treatment plan.  Using current research to guide treatments means that you receive informed high-quality medicine.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine, or herbalism, is a traditional practise that uses plants therapeutically.  Medicinal plants may be used in their whole form (as dried variations or in alcohol extractions), as standardized extracts, or in medicinal blends.  Medicinal herbs have many health benefits, and are often a part of a naturopathic treatment plan.  Dr. Kristin offers patient-specific, uniquely compounded blends of herbs in tincture or dried formats. She blends each unique formula with care to create a safe and effective herbal medicine for her patients. Pricing botanical compounding is available upon request or when clinically indicated.

Lab Testing

Laboratory testing provides insight about underlying causes of your health concerns.  Dr. Kristin uses a comprehensive approach to assess the necessary aspects of health. Click to learn more about offered testing options.


Acupuncture is a traditional therapy that acts on the nervous system and the musculature. Fine needles are inserted to provide a therapeutic benefit. Dr Kristin specializes in musculoskeletal acupuncture for pain relief and athletic performance.

Sports Nutrition

As a certified sports nutritionist, Dr. Kristin Spark provides sport-specific dietary modifications, as well as, strategic nutritional supplementation for your athletic needs. From weekend-warriors, and casual gym-goers to elite endurance athletes, sport-specific nutrition supports optimal performance.

Asian Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of medicine that views health through a different lens. Traditional treatment methods include dietary and lifestyle counseling, as well as treatments with herbs and acupuncture. Typically asian medicine acupuncture treatments are completed in cycles of 6 weekly treatments. These treatments are useful for a host of conditions.


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